This site was set up and is maintained for users of the freeware programs: Virtual Radar Client (VRC); Euroscope (ES); FSInn; SquawkBox and vPilot.  These programs work together, using the internet to provide virtual Air Traffic Control for virtual pilots using various flight simulators on the VATSIM network.

While the information provided on this website is about real aerodromes and attempts to follow the real world procedures very closely, these information are often taken from outdated sources and MUST NOT BE USED AT ANY POINT IN TIME FOR REAL WORLD FLIGHT PLANNING.

By using this site, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify the owner of this website as well as that of any external link pointed to from this website.

DISCLAIMER: This site and its contents are not affiliated with the CAAS, nor any real Air Traffic Control facility in any way, and is for for flight simulation gaming uses only. No information found on these pages should be used for real-world navigation.

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